To Our Brewery

In February of 2019, a group of local craft beer enthusiasts partnered to purchase the old Eighteen-O-Three Taproom from the previous owner. After a long licensing process, our refresh and build out of the brewery in the back began. In November of 2019, we opened the doors. In January of 2020, we had our Grand Opening with the launch of our in house made craft beers.

Our promise to you is to provide a quality product, a good selection, and a great time! We love doing this for our community, and appreciate your support!


Our Beers

Perfection Pale Ale
Pale Ale - American
5.6% ABV 47 IBU
Perfection Pale Ale, named after one of Galion's great industrial age giants. A true American Pale Ale, showcasing Falconer's Flight and Cascade Hops.


Delaney Red
Red Ale - Irish
5.9% ABV 41 IBU
A great Irish Red Ale, named after the Granddaughter of our Head Brewer. Carmel and Roasted Malts lend a great grain flavor to this beer, backed up by a healthy dose of Amarillo hops. A longtime Galion favorite! 


Bishop Brown
Brown Ale - English
4.9% ABV 29 IBU
Named after Bishop William Montgomery Brown, Bishop of the Episcopal Church. This true to style English Brown Ale would have pleased the Bishop, we are sure. To learn more about Bishop Brown, visit the Galion Historical Society at the Brownella Cottage around the corner from the brewery.


Naturally Blonde?
Blonde Ale
5.5% ABV 21 IBU
A refreshing Blonde Ale. Low bitterness allow the biscuit notes to come through in this beer. Ahtanum hops are primarily used to achieve all 3: Bitterness, Flavor and Aroma. Naturally Blonde? We won't tell.....


Willa Wheat
Wheat Beer - American Pale Wheat\
4.9% ABV 30 IBU
Willa, the Granddaughter of our Head Brewer, is the namesake of this beer once again. A true American Pale Wheat Ale. The use of Hersbrucker Hops lend a slight hint of tangerine in the backend of this one. A lighter style beer for those who prefer a non heavy beer.


Harding Way IPA
IPA - American
6.3% ABV 81 IBU
Harding Way, the main street of our hometown. Also the name of our latest IPA. Harding Way IPA. Bitter, not too dry, and full of flavor. Showcasing Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra hops. We will let you be the judge of this one.


Pils Deli
Pilsner - German
4.7% ABV 26 IBU
A crisp, clean refreshing German Pilsner. Very crushable.


Peabody Pale Ale
Pale Ale - American
6.7% ABV 64 IBU
Named after another of Galion's industrial giants, Peabody Pale Ale is packed full of citrus punch. Showcasing Citra hops, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


TIger's Eye-P-A
IPA - American
5.3% ABV 52 IBU
Crisp, clean, dry and refreshing. A light refreshing American style IPA.


Off the Rails Oatmeal Stout
Stout - Oatmeal
5.5% ABV 27 IBU
Imagine Galion, early 1900's to mid 1900's. A heavy rail industry through town, one can imagine the smoke produced by the coal fired engines. Our Off The Rails Oatmeal Stout pays tribute to our rail industry from yesterday. Rich, black as coal and sily smooth. Here's to wanting another one!


Portland Way Porter
Porter - English
5.4% ABV 30 IBU
Just as Portland Way is a main artery in our town, so is this beer to the brewery. Portland Way Porter. Rich, smooth, with notes of toffee and coffee. Every sip reminds you of a local pub in London. Cheers!


Aberdeen 90/-
Scottish Export Ale
6% ABV 23 IBU
Brewed in traditional Scotland fashion, our Aberdeen 90/- (Shilling) Scottish Ale is about as close to the Highlands as you will find in Ohio. Smooth, malty and full bodied. Go ahead, admit it. You want to put on the kilt, warm up the pipes and play a round of The Rose of Kelvingrove. We don't mind.....

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